The Lisa Bracken Foundation                

A National Charity
Est. 2015


Who was Lisa Bracken?

Lisa Bracken was born on the 10th September 1993 and spent all her life growing up in Portarlington, Co.Laois. Lisa from a young age was funny, moody and loved life. 

At the age of 16 Lisa and her family's life changed after she was diagnosed with bowel cancer. Lisa was always a chubby child and when she started to lose weight rapidly, the first thing on our minds was an eating disorder. 

After her diagnosis Lisa endured major surgery, having to cope with a colostomy bag and months of treatment. She was clear of cancer. Then out of the blue a year later her tummy started to swell and she was in a lot of pain, it was back as secondary cancer on her ovaries. 

The doctors were very optimistic that this could be cured. Lisa and her family opted to travel to Basingstoke in Southampton for a surgery not performed in Ireland at the time. It was a surgery that would include high doses of chemotherapy over a 24 hour period while under anesthesia. The surgeons had to give Lisa a full hysterectomy as they wanted to be sure that they had got it all. 

Everything seemed to be going well, Lisa came home and started to re-live her life. She was so happy. Then severe pains in her back gave great cause for concern. After some tests it was confirmed that the cancer was back, this time a tumor had formed behind her kidney. This was inoperable. It meant, months of chemotherapy. Lisa was devastated, as were we all. After months of chemotherapy it seemed to be shrinking. Lisa then developed a severe kidney infection, which halted all treatment. The cancer spread and her fantastic doctors in St. James Hospital decided that nothing more could be done. Lisa had always stated that if her cancer was to become terminal, she was to be told. We did just that. She was annoyed and scared for about 5 minutes and then asked for a McDonald's. Lisa was so positive facing death and she was the rock comforting her family and friends. On the 2nd October 2013 just after 1.10pm Lisa lost her battle. Her positive attitude in facing this horrible disease and her mortality was amazing and everyone who knew her and met her even for a short while, were inspired and touched by her. Lisa Bracken will never be forgotten.